Tim Ellison

Front-End Web Developer

Hello Gatsby & Netlify

September 20, 2018

I’ve switched from a WordPress site hosted on DreamHost to this Gatsby powered site hosted on Netlify. WordPress was adding a ton of extra complexity around my blog and DreamHost didn’t give me enough control over my own server configuration choices. Gatsby lets me work with React and GraphQL, which I’m more comfortable with than PHP, and Netlify gives me confidence that things are being managed well on the server-side along with the freedom to make alterations when necessary.

The end result: a site with a first-meaningful-paint time of 0.2 seconds (and only 1.5 seconds on throttled 3G). A site I can edit just by pushing up changes to GitHub. A site where I can concentrate on the “What” and “Why” without ever having to worry about “How”.

If you’re deciding between CMSs or frameworks, it’s fair to take into consideration what you and your team are already comfortable with. As long as the dev-comfortable choice doesn’t detract from the end user experience it’s a win for everybody.